Pricing & Packages

Day Rate

Day Long (8 hrs) with a lead photographer + assistant shooter + In person meetup + styled shoot (with assistant) + wardrobe and accommodations support for the styled shoot.


Lite Package

6 hrs with lead photographer + assistant shooter + meetup via video call


Associate Shooter Wedding

Associate shooter wedding - $6500

8 hours, + assistant shooter + In person meetup + styled shoot + wardrobe and accommodations support for the styled shoot.


Portrait Session

Shoot design, styling and accommodations support + on site assistant



4 hrs. Under 10 people, Saturdays not available in the peak season (may 01-nov01)


A La Carte Hour

wedding additional hour rate



How do payments work?

You pay for weddings in 3 parts: 30% deposit, 45% the week of the wedding and 25% on final delivery of the images.

How many images will I receive?

We typically produce about 125 deliverable images per hour that we work.

Do your packages include a portrait session?

Yes. All full non-lite packages include a styled shoot.

Where are you based?

Hillsdale NY

What is your turnaround time?

4-8 Weeks depending on the time of the season.

Do you shoot film too?

Yes. Whenever possible. Typically, we'll shoot 2-3 rolls and include them in the package. For a more film-heavy approach, just mention it and we can negotiate. Figure on $45 per roll average for film, processing, scanning and postage.

What about coffee table books?

Yes, we make custom lay-flat books. Our designer Jess Gia will lay it out and work with you on making selections, reviewing and sending it to print. Prices start around $800

Do you make prints?

Yes! There are two ways to use our printing services. First, you can print right through your gallery with our partner labs. This is great for most any style and size of print. Additionally, for fine art prints, our film lab State Film Lab, is who we recommend. They use 100% archival papers, inks and mountings.