We create and produce bespoke wedding photography experiences.

Knowing that a wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for our clients, we see how important it is to make the most out of the time that we spend together. After 11 years in the industry, we've seen a lot wedding photography, enough to understand the level of service needed to reach an optimized level of collaboration with our clients. Unfortunately, most wedding photography studios put most the burden of prepartion and planning on you, and they just show up to shoot the photos. It works to an extent and although the images look nice because they show a couple in love, they also fall short on being everything that they could be.

We mix analog and digital, consult on wardrobe for the portrait sessions, scout locations, and hone in on an editorial focus that truly makes you feel seen for who you are as a couple. Not only do the results lie in the preparation, but it's the preparation itself that is responsible for eliminating the unknowns and alleviating all of the weird and awkward feelings that come up when we imagine ourselves being photographed. It is totally possible to be intentional and prepared and still explore creativity in a free and spontaneous way.

We are a team of photographers, creative designers, florists and stylists who will collaborate with you on every step of the process. Our promise is a collection of images that you can look back on as timeless treasures. Your great grandkids will look at these images some day, so why not give them the absolute realest look at who you once were!

Meadowlark Stills is:

Lawrence B. - photographer and founder

Moriah W. - photographer and designer

Harper C. - photographer and stylist

Nina B - photographer and stylist

William P - stylist and creative direction

Maiah B - wardrobe consultant

Jessica S - floral designer and prop stylist