Archivists, Legacy Recorders and floral Designers, oh my!

Who is your team?

We're a husband / wife team. We're Jessica and Lawrence. We met in production, while shooting a project for an organic faming non-profit organization. Jessica is a director, floral designer and photographer. Lawrence is the lead photographer, director and studio manager. Our extended team is a roster of creatives that work with us. They are stylists, wardrobe consultants, book designers, printers, cinematographers and some very talented photographers who also take on full weddings for our team.

What makes you different from other studios?

Our mission is to record legacy. This starts with you and the story you are telling. We often say that we are shooting for the version of you 20 years from now. So timelessness is important to us. History, archiving and creating memories that live with your family into the future are all very much a part of our mission. We know how important these things are to the 20-years-from-now, you, so we always approach our work in this way. Check out the PRINT section below to learn about our hand-made silver gelatin prints. Legacy forever!

Wow, sounds serious

It is serious! This is our full time job, so we put a lot of intention into what a long term mission actually looks like for a company like ours in an industry like this. We all have to contribute our talents to the world. This is where we're at for now!

But are you also a lot of fun to have at our wedding?

Of course! We may approach our work with you from the legacy angle, but we never pass on an opportunity to be in the moment and capture the fun, silly and candid images that we see. We know that people are into nostalgia and so we shoot all of that hip point and shoot flash and instant film stuff. We get you, and we're a lot of fun :)

Is your Studio an actual studio?

Yes! Our physical studio is located in the Berkshires in Western Massachusetts. It's not uncommon for us to meet back up with our clients later, at their next milestone or an event happening in their family. A new mama and baby, a growing family or even an iconic portrait of a matriarch or oldest living member of a family. These can happen on-location or even here at our studio location. Legacy forever!

So you shoot non-wedding photo sessions right?

Yes. Engagements and all kinds of legacy milestones. Just ask!

Do your packages include a pre-wedding photo session?

Yes. All inclusive packages include a photo session

In our session, we want to look good without trying too hard, how do we do that?

Glad you asked that. Believe it or not, that is more likely to be accomplished by putting real intention and thought into what we produce together. In short, we're less awkward the more prepared we are. If we are to commit to a calendar date to work together, just know that we not the type to show up without a plan and wing it with you. That is not what candid and natural means! Those kinds of shoots increase the likelihood of resulting in the opposite actually. We just don't roll like that. So prepare before, and then be free and in the moment on shoot day!

How do payments work?

You pay for weddings in 3 parts: 30% deposit, 45% the week of the wedding and 25% on final delivery of the images.

How many images will I receive?

We typically produce about 75-100 deliverable images per hour that we work per main shooter. Assistant shooters 25-50 deliverable images per hour.

Where are you based?

Our home is in the Hudson Valley, NY. Our studio is in the Berkshires. We shoot everywhere!

What is your turnaround time?

1-8 weeks, depending on the time of year.

Do you shoot film too?

YES! The analog side of our business is so special to us. We shoot a variety of cameras from different eras with a variety of film sizes and stocks from 35mm to 120mm, 620mm, Instant film and super 8. Each base package includes at least 3 rolls of film included. But if you like the look of film, you can add more!

Pro tip: 8 rolls of film produces around 100 final deliverable images.

What about coffee table books?

Yes, we make custom lay-flat books. Our designer Jess Gia will lay it out and work with you on making selections, reviewing and sending it to print. Prices start around $800

Do you make prints?

Yes! There are three ways to use our printing services. First, you can print right through your gallery with our partner labs. This is great for most any style and size of print. Additionally, for fine art prints, our film lab State Film Lab, is who we print with. They use 100% archival papers, inks and mountings and we will take you through the process and handle the order and get it shipped right to your door. We also do hand-printed archival silver gelatin prints from film negatives with ReedPrints.

Wait you also do flowers?

Yes we do! Lawrence and Jessica both have a history in organic farming. We used to grow flowers and design florals before the business grew. Our end goal is to be a full service wedding production company. We're no longer growing, but we are available to do florals at our events. Please inquire about florals with Jessica

What is it like to work with you?